Cattle exhibitors please note that the Great Yorkshire Show is located in a TB Low Risk Area and is a Non-Exempt Show for the purpose of TB Movement requirements.

Download details on TB Regulation Movement Requirements Applicable to Agricultural Shows here.


Due to the high demand for stables, please be aware that we operate a waiting list and please let us know should stables be no longer required. Any horse box passes and/or stables sold by other means (including social media) will be null & void

Showing Timetables & Judges

Further timetables and judges lists will be available to view here from March 2018

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If you have any further enquiries please contact:

  • Amanda Stoddart-West (01423 546231)
  • Jo-Anne Suddaby (01423 546206)
  • Polli Appleyard (01423 546236)
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