GYS Competitor Information 2022

Schedules and entry forms for the Great Yorkshire Show will be available from March 2022.

Further details regarding each section will be available nearer the time.

Once timetables for competitors have been finalised for 2022 they will be available to view here.

As of 28 June 2022 a few changes have been made for this year’s Show.
Beef Cattle – change of Judge for British Blonde classes – Mr J Weightman
A change of judge in the following sections:
  • Highland Pony breed classes – Mrs M L Osborne
  • Mixed Mountain & Moorland In Hand classes – Mr M Northam
Please note the Mini M&M Lead Rein and First Ridden classes will be split this year due to large entries; they will be judged Even catalogue numbers, followed by the Odds.
The M&M First Ridden class will be judged before the Lead Rein.
Following the completion of the Dales pony classes on the Thursday, the Ridings Ring will become a warm up area for little jockeys competing in the LR and FR classes. The ring must be vacated by 13.50, so the ring can be prepared for the First Ridden at 14.00.
This is in response to a request regarding little jockeys having their own warm up area.
Vaccination Booster

Your horse/pony needs to have had a booster vaccination within 6 months of the show, i.e. AFTER 12th Jan 2022 but BEFORE 5th July 2022 to avoid the 7 day before competition rule AND their vaccination record prior to that booster must be valid and up to date, and we will permit previous annual boosters provided the last one has been given in the 6 months prior to coming to the show.

Or if they are re-starting a vaccination course, the second vaccine needs to be given at least 21 days after the first vaccination but again BEFORE the 5th July, to satisfy the 7 day rule and ensure they are sufficiently protected.

Anyone that hasn’t realised this must get this done immediately – For example:

If you are entered on Tuesday 12th – the latest you can have the injection is tomorrow – 5th July

If you are entered on Wednesday 13th – the latest you can have the injection is Wednesday – 6th July

If you are entered on Thursday 14th – the latest you can have the injection is Thursday – 7th July

If you are entered on Friday 15th – the latest you can have the injection is Friday – 8th July

On-Site Accommodation for 2022

We are offering limited on-site accommodation for our livestock exhibitors at the Great Yorkshire Show.

As these rooms are extremely popular, this year a ballot system will be put in place. Once all forms have been returned, a ballot will be held and successful applications will be contacted.

Application forms must be returned by Tuesday 8 February 2022.


Cattle exhibitors please note that the Great Yorkshire Show is located in a TB Low Risk Area and is a Non-Exempt Show for the purpose of TB Movement requirements.

Download details on TB Regulation Movement Requirements Applicable to Agricultural Shows here (correct as of Jan 2020).

Equine Flu

It is mandatory that all horses/ponies/donkeys are fully vaccinated against Equine Influenza (Flu) within the 6 months directly before the Show.

Passports may be inspected at any time; any horse without a valid vaccination protocol or owner/exhibitor unable to produce a valid passport will lead to immediate eviction of that horse/pony/donkey from the showground.

(Obviously foals are exempt so long as they are less than 6 months old and the mare is fully vaccinated)


Due to the high demand for stables, please be aware that we operate a waiting list and please let us know should stables be no longer required. Any horse box passes and/or stables sold by other means (including social media) will be null & void

Livestock & Entries Enquiries

If you have any further enquiries please contact:

  • Amanda Stoddart-West (01423 546231)
  • Jo-Anne Suddaby (01423 546236)
  • Jenny Robinson (01423 546206)